Pre Paid Money Cards

Pre Paid Money Cards

Using Credit and Debit Cards has become a way of life in an ever increasing cashless society and now we have seen the advent of the pre paid Foreign Exchange Card.

A word of warning!

Be very choosy when selecting a card. We would all like to think that such cards are Free from Charges and there is no Withdrawal Fee, however this is not the case.

Take for instance the Thompson Travel Money Card, a prepaid MasterCard. On the face of it just what you want, your money is safe.....but it has severe drawbacks including the fact that if you were to run out of money on a Friday night, whilst abroad and you thought you would "Top it up" to keep you going, well yes, you can top it up, but Thompson won't free up the money on your account for 48 hours, so you will be without money all weekend! Now you've got the money on your account and you want some Cash, go along to the ATM and draw out what you need, that's fine, but when you check your Statement you will find that Thompson have conveniently debited your account with an additional £2 for making a Cash withdrawal!

We live in an electronic age and there is no excuse for this kind of abuse, so VillaMove recommend that you use a MoneyCorp Explorer Card, where your top up is instant, there are no withdrwal fees and you get an excellent exhange rate too. Follow the link to take advantage of their honest approach   

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