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Research article writing is not that easy, but possible to master. Trust your intuition and get down to writing research articles with due diligence. You will be repaid for your efforts.

Research article writing leaves much place for imagination, although rules of formatting are rather strict. Your intuition will nourish your imagination and critical thinking. This tandem will provide you with brilliant ideas and make research article writing exciting and delightful.

  • Find an interesting and not very thoroughly investigated research question. It should be precise, original, and scientifically relevant. Do not write a research article about truisms or untouched Mars surface. Writing research articles, students should use supporting evidences. Think about their availability before you choose research question.
  • Introduction of a research article is written after work completion. Writing research articles, you will be obliged to make your paper understandable for broad audience. That is why it is important to draw an outline of background knowledge, which are necessary for understanding the topic during research article writing, and spread them in an introduction.
  • Research article writing demands description of study methods used in the research. This section should be concrete and precise and contain essential details, necessary for reproducing this experiment.
  • Writing research articles with experimental research, you are asked to present the results of your experiment. State the figures without interpreting them. Represent them graphically for the sake of favorable visual impression.
  • Writing research articles presupposes that you are able to discuss and interpret the results in a discussion section. Here you present your own ideas concerning the outcomes of the experiment, their scientific relevance. It is the most important section of a research paper. The importance and validity of your work will be discussed judging from this section.

This page provides resources and tips for finding and accessing research papers.

Your intuition will help you to elaborate ideas for interpreting the results and summarizing your work. But formatting the paper, stick to rules; do not invent new formats of a research article, and it will be highly appreciated.

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